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Hello everyone, sorry I havn’t been keeping you up to date on all of my activities and such, but my computer hasn’t been functioning correctly so I couldn’t share my stories. First off I would like to introduce you to Rue. Even though no one voted for birds in the poll, I got one. Rue is a cockateil of unknown gender. She was 5 weeks when we got her, and her birthday is August 28th. So, as of right now, she is about 5 months. Rue can sometimes be crazy. She (I think it’s a female) have what I call spaz attacks. I will be in the middle of doing my homework and she will be sitting on my shoulder all quiet. Then, suddenly, she will scream really loud over and over again and fly around the room in circles. Sometimes she  will loose coordination and fly into walls! Rue has a completely white body, with a yellow face, and red cheeks. If you have any questions for Rue, please comment and she will surely get back to you! Sorry the picyure is kind of fuzzy. I took it on my iPad 🙂                                               

So you think you can dance?

I have been a dancer of Carver Dance School for 6, soon to be 7, years. I was Cinderella, I was a Cranberry, a raindrop, Jasmine the princess, Michael Jackson, and a lot of other stuff too. This past May I had a dance recital. The theme was Broadway
I was also a Sailer, a Chinese Ballet performer and I played a dancer from a show called Bringin The Noise. My sister and my cousin Devon, were supposed to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland, my cousin Taylor was Mary Poppins, and my cousin CJ was a vet and a witch.
This is my sister Emily and my cousin Devon.
This is my cousin Taylor.
It was an amazing show and I got lots of flowers! I can’t wait untill next year when I get to dance again. So I don’t think I can dance, I know I can dance!

Admit One

Kirstyn(my friend from Kidding With Kirstyn) had the best movie, themed sleepover party I’ve ever had and been to!

We had tons of fun at the craft section with the duck tape and the concession stand with the chocolate fountain.

Despite the fact that I accidentally, blew up the chocolate fountain and drenched my friends in chocolate. I dropped a nerd into the fountain, after Kirstyn told me it was a bad idea, and it exploded!

We had a lot of fun! Untill we had to leave. I know I will have this memory forever because the chocolate hasn’t come out of my shorts.

Thank you for the awesome party Kirstyn and Happy Birthday!!!

How much is that doggie in the window

Few people might know that I have a dog named Kirby. I love my dog more than ALMOST anything in the world….such as oxygen. Now, I want a pet that I can have to myself. I want a pet that only I can touch and feed and love. The problom is, I don’t know what kind of animal I want. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 animals. A bird, a Chinchilla, and a Hedgehog. I need you to help me decide what pet I should get. If you have any advice about the animal you chose, or the animal you don’t like, feel free to comment and tell me! Keep in mind the voting closes June 7th. Use the box below to vote:

Over The River And Through The Woods To Grandmothers House We Go

The weekend before Easter me, my brother, my sister, and my three cousins went to my Grandmother’s house. My Grandma is from Germany, so instead of Grandma, we call her Oma (German for Grandma.) While we were there, we did all sorts of things!We made a pyramid! Then it sort of fell apart.

                         We also went to see the Myles Standish Monument. The whole statue is 200 ft tall and the statue of Myles Standish stands as tall as 14 ft! Although it was closed, we still had a lot of fun.

                         My Oma has amazing trees in her yard. We climb them every time we go, Winter or Summer. Luke named one of them dog because of all the bark. Me and my sister climbed the highest. She climbed 10ft and I climbed almost 35ft.


After that we visited the water tower and went out to lunch. Visiting our Oma was a lot of fun, we will surely visit again soon. Thank you for a wonderful weekend Oma and I hope to see you soon! Don’t forget, Over the river and through the woods to click on the link today!Click to find out!

Happy Birthday

March 17 or St. Patricks Day, is the day a very special person celebrates their birthday. Someone with a rapping skill. Someone who creates fabulous blog posts about Pi Day and The Math Movie Network. Someone who loves wearing striped sweaters. This person happens to be a very good teacher as well, his name is…..Mr. Avery! Mr. Avery has been my fun, and magical teacher for quite a few months now and I just thought I would express that with some of my friends and some of his students! Happy Birthday! Just hit the link, sorry it’s sideways.

mravery Happy Birthday Mr. Avery. I hope you have a lot of fun on your and get everything you wanted 😆

What Does My Name Mean?

Did you know your name actually means something? My name (Hannah) means Grace or Graceful. My teacher (Mr. Avery)  found out the names of all the people in my class. For those of you who are not in my class, I looked up a few names and thought I would share them with you!

James: Supplanter

Robert: Bright Fame

Thomas: A twin

Brian: High, Noble

Luke: From Lucania

Quentin: Fifth

Taite: Cheerful

George: Farmer

Sophia: Wisdom

Ally: Friend, Partner

Shannon: Old

Peter: Rock

Emily: To Excel

Maria: Bitter

Molly: Bitter

Kirstyn: The Chosen One

John: Gracious

If your name is not up here and you would like to find out what it means, please comment and I will gladly tell you!

From Way Up North

Meet Polie and Chillie. Polie and Chillie are twin Polar Bears that used to live in the North Pole. Santa brought Chillie down for me last year and Polie was found in my basement when we moved into my new house about 6 years ago. Now they want to say hello.

This is Chillie. The only way I can tell them apart is that Chillie is fatter and newer and Polie is beat up and flat. Chillie is kind of shy, likes swimming, and will eat as much cereal and fish as he can get. His favorite color is blue and enjoys taking naps in his free time. ” It’s very exiting to be on a blog! It’s my first time because they don’t have any computers where I lived in the North Pole. I also want to say hi to Perezoso on Mr. Salsich’s Blog”, Chillie said this after I told him he was my blog mascot. 





This is Polie. Polie is a little ball of exitement, he is always on the move. Polie is suprisingly not a fish lover. He is more of a Mac and Cheese person, or a corn person. He definetly likes his junk food, but when he’s not eating candy he will eat food a little healthier. Polie also likes swimming as well as Chillie, except Polie likes canonballs and flips where as Chillie enjoys floating or sun bathing. Polie’s favorite color is black and in his spare time likes hanging out with his BFF Lobstie ( he’s my brother’s lobster)