What Does My Name Mean?

Did you know your name actually means something? My name (Hannah) means Grace or Graceful. My teacher (Mr. Avery)  found out the names of all the people in my class. For those of you who are not in my class, I looked up a few names and thought I would share them with you!

James: Supplanter

Robert: Bright Fame

Thomas: A twin

Brian: High, Noble

Luke: From Lucania

Quentin: Fifth

Taite: Cheerful

George: Farmer

Sophia: Wisdom

Ally: Friend, Partner

Shannon: Old

Peter: Rock

Emily: To Excel

Maria: Bitter

Molly: Bitter

Kirstyn: The Chosen One

John: Gracious

If your name is not up here and you would like to find out what it means, please comment and I will gladly tell you!

12 thoughts on “What Does My Name Mean?

  1. Dear Hannah,

    Thanks so much for including my name in the What does Your name mean post. It means a lot! Your blog is still doing great and I hope it continues to stay that way forever!

    Your Friend,

    • Dear Taite,
      I am pleased to see you enjoyed the post! I’m going to add more names to the post as well. I will comment on your blog soon. Thanks for the comment 🙂

      Your Friend,

  2. Dear Hannah,

    I love the idea of posting about the meaning of names! I wonder how many people don’t actually know the meaning behind where their name came from. I knew my name was the Irish version of John but I didn’t actually know what it meant until we looked it up!

    Mr. Avery

    • Dear Mr. Avery,

      Thank you for writing a comment. I havn’t had one from you in a while. I thought your name was a little creepy. Was it, from the shady grove? I can’t seem to remember. It was very interesting to find out what my name meant. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Birthday!


    • Dear Avery,

      Thank you for writing me a comment. Avery means Elf Ruler, Angel means Messenger of God, Dillon means Born from the Ocean, and Abigail means Joy of the Father. Thank you for comeing on the blog!

    • Dear Emma,
      Thank you for writing me a comment! I got rid of the ? mark for you. It’s okay, everyone has their mistakes 😆 Thanks again.
      Your Friend,

  3. What about my name, Cameron, Devon, Taylor and your Uncle Rob or Wayne, whatever his name is.
    Love your blog,
    Auntie Maggy

    • Dear Aunt Maggy,

      Thank you for visiting the blog! Your name means a pearl, Cameron means bent nose, Devon means from the tribe of Dumnonii, Taylor means Tailer, Rob means bright fame, and Wayne means wagon driver. See you guys on Easter! Thanks again.
      Hannah 🙂

  4. Dear Hannah,

    My name means fair, but what dose Tessa, Jamie, Elizabeth, Megan, and Tomas mean. I really want to know really, really badly. Oh and what dose Babera, Tom, and Maryann mean too.

    Fiona 😀 😛

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